TMJ Bite Stabilizer

What is TMJ? This refers to the Temporal Mandibular Joint just in front of the ears. It's two bones coming together; the Temporal Bone (skull) and the Mandibular bone (lower jaw).

What are TMJ diseases and symptoms? Sometimes called TMJ or TMD

There are many symptoms:

  • headaches
  • sore teeth
  • multiple root canals and crowns
  • worn teeth
  • ear aches
  • sore muscles in the face
  • tooth abscesses and loss of teeth
  • clicking, popping of the joint with or without pain
  • locked
  • clenching and grinding
  • bite is uncomfortable

A good physiological and comfortable bite is when the teeth come together and the muscles position the lower jaw in the center of the joint. Most people adapt to an improper position, but there are many that do not. Thus all the above symptoms.

During the day or during awakening periods, most people are able to deal with the joint not in proper position. But during sleep,we clench and grind subconsciously and this leads to a tremendous amount of force and pressure on the joint, muscles, teeth, and bone. This has been calculated to be 10 times greater at night than during the day.

What is a TMJ Bite Stabilizer?    It is a removable appliance that is constructed to accurately and comfortably fit on your upper teeth. Your lower jaw is positioned on this appliance so that all the lower back teeth, with the exception of the front teeth, bite evenly and accurately on the appliance. The end result is that the joint is properly positioned, the bite is even and balanced, and the muscles are "happy".

This appliance is not the so called "splint" where the bite, joint, and muscles are not ever considered.

If you have any of the above symptoms, call us at (925) 754-2122 for a consultation for only $150.00 (A $300.00 Value)

Yiannis A. Vlahos, D.D.S Expertise and Education on TMJ Diagnosis and Treatment:

  • Graduate UC Berkeley - BA Physiology
  • Graduate Northwestern University. Dental School, Chicago IL.
  • Best Student Award for Radiology from the Faculty of Northwestern University.
  • 448 Hours -18 months of study and successful completion on TMJ, Occlusion and Complex Restorative Cases at the Foundation For Continuing Education (F.A.C.E.) in Burlingame, California.
  • University of California San Francisco -287 hours and successful completion on TMJ, Articulation, and Occlusion.
  • Successful completion of study at the Capital Center for Craniofacial Pain on TMJ, Diagnosis and Treatment.
  • Completed Advanced Gnathological Laboratory Course at the F.A.C.E. Institute.
  • Instructor for the F.A.C.E. Institute teaching theory and construction of Orthopedic Stabilizing Appliance to American and International Dentists.
  • Presenter "Appliance Therapy for Diagnosis and Treatment Planning" as a lecturer at the California Dental Convention in Anaheim, California
  • Member of American Dental Association
  • Member of California Dental Association
  • Member of Contra Costa Dental Association
  • Dentist for over 30 years