TMJ Bite Stabilizer Testimonials

I have been seeing Dr. Vlahos since the age of 3. He is kind, friendly and compassionate, as is all the staff at Antioch Dental Care. Most recently Dr. Vlahos fitted me with an TMJ Bite Stabilizer. I grind my teeth while sleeping and would wake up with severe jaw pain and headaches. Since the fitting of my TMJ Bite Stabilizer I wake up pain free and feeling well rested. I would recommend Antioch Dental Care to everyone! Thank you so much Dr. Vlahos and staff!!!                                                     

                                                                                 Nicole L. Sacramento, CA

Before my TMJ Bite Stabilizer my jaw would hurt so badly from clutching my teeth at night, my pain was BAD every morning. After the TMJ Bite Stabilizer was made for me by Dr. Vlahos, I have no pain in my jaw AT ALL ! My teeth don't hurt anymore. I will not miss a night wearing this appliance ! I would definitely recommend it to anyone that suffers from TMJ symptoms!

                                                                     Linda K. Antioch, CA